About Us

The principle of Bitcoin Up was to give everyone a fair chance in this industry. We wanted to provide this capability to everyone. This includes those who can't invest great sums of money, along with those who don't have any experience in Bitcoin trading.

Why Choose Us?

Cryptocurrency trading takes a good amount of discipline to be successful in. The discipline that's been used to be successful in Bitcoin trading has been around for a good amount of time. This has allowed a variety of platforms to grant the opportunity for individuals to get into the industry. However, our platform stands out from the rest. Why is that?

We offer the lowest initial deposit amounts out of all of these platforms. Why do we do this? Well, unlike other platforms, we want to give everyone a fair chance in this industry. We don’t believe that your wealth should determine your financial profits. That’s why we allow members to start trading with a mere $250 deposit to fund their trading activity.

We also believe that everyone should get a fair chance in the industry, despite a lack of Cryptocurrency trading knowledge. We have ensured this by offering members a demo account. Thus, you hold the ability to test out your trading skills before using your 'real' money to make trades.

Moreover, we also offer effective trading software that makes use of trading bots to make trades on your behalf when the right market signals are triggered. You can use this by setting the parameters you would like the trading bots to implement when looking for alerts and making trades.

In addition, our Bitcoin Up platform provides our members with complete security. Our encryption process and tools are used to ensure all of your information, transactions, and activity are kept safe from any malicious entity. We also don't use insecure methods to store the information you have given us. Added to this, we don't require much information from you when signing up to be a part of our Bitcoin Up community. We do this because we value your privacy.

As previously mentioned, we cannot guarantee success for each and every trade you make, as the market of Cryptocurrency trading, while being super lucrative, is incredibly volatile. The world of Cryptocurrency trading is very speculative. Thus, there is risk involved in the insights you place trust in and the decisions you decide to make. However, we offer a platform that provides you with incredible insights created from experienced and insightful experts.